100 x 2mm Coloured PVC Strip Door (Custom Size)

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Coloured PVC Strip Doors can be Lintel Mounted (within the doorway) or Wall Mounted (above the doorway).


For Wall Mounting above the doorway, you generally add 50 mm to the Width and 50mm to the Height.


For Lintel Mounting within the doorway, you need to deduct 5mm from the width and 10mm from the height to ensure the Strip Door fits inside the opening. For more information see our PVC Strip Doors page Click Here

  1. The Strip Door "Width" is the length of the aluminium head section that the Plastic strips secure to.
  2. The Strip door Height" is the overall height, from the top of the aluminium head section to the bottom of the PVC Strip.

Mounting Option

Please select how you are mounting so we can drill holes for you.

PVC Colours

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