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Austcold Industries is an independently owned and operated business that takes pride in the manufacture, supply and installation of commercial and industrial door systems Australia wide.

Clear PVC Plastic Swing Doors

Clear PVC Swing Doors or Clear Plastic Swing Doors are ideal for factory doors, commercial kitchen doors, Food Processing, Transport Terminals, Retail Stores, to Supermarket doors, Food Storage Doors, Cold Storage doors and Hospital doors, etc Clear Plastic PVC Swing Doors keep out draughts, dust, pests and continue to provide outstanding results in new applications using their safety, hygiene, temperature and acoustic isolation properties. The quality steel frame construction, together with tough, resilient PVC, ensures that these doors are designed to obtain maximum life and customer satisfaction.

Clear PVC Plastic Rolls

We supply a wide range of clear PVC rolls, or clear plastic rolls used to manufacture clear flexible PVC strip doors, available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, the plastic or PVC strips can be sold by the metre or in 50 metre rolls.

Coolroom Door Parts and Seals

We stock a variety of coolroom parts including coolroom door rollers, coolroom door stops, coolroom door bells, coolroom sliding door seals, coolroom swing door seals, glass door seals and more.

Automatic Insulated Sectional Doors

We supply and install advanced Sectional Doors with world leading technology. Available in 42 and 80mm thick insulated panels, manufactured from high density insulation foam that is CFC free. Suitable for automatic coldroom doors, garage doors and factories

Rapidoor® High-Speed Doors

Introducing, the new Austcold Industries Rapidoor® range of Roll Fast Doors. Also known as rapid roll doors or high speed roll fast doors, they provide an automatic high speed door solution for factories and storage warehouses that require speed efficiency. Ideal for fork lift traffic doors.

Fridge Door Seals

Austcold Industries manufactures fridge seals for domestic and commercial applications Australia-wide. The fridge door seal is an essential asset to the fridge, as it affects its efficiency, resulting in excessive electricity consumption and reduced temperature efficiency. The fridge door seal has a magnetic strip which is inserted inside the PVC when manufactured; this magnetic strip loses its magnetic potential, resulting in the loss of seal efficiency. Replacing your fridge seals or freezer seal will extend the life of your fridge. It is advisable to replace your fridge seal every seven years.

Clear PVC Plastic Strip Doors

Clear Plastic Strip Doors or PVC strip doors are an essential asset to any coolroom door, as they provide optimum sealing efficiency, together with the fridge door seal. In addition to Coldroom doors, they are used for fork lift doors, bakery doors, butchers doors and motorized traffic doors. View our Strip Door application chart for details. Plastic doors manufactured of clear PVC strips create a cold shield, which will seal the doorway and reduce the air exchange when entering or exiting the refrigerated room. The clear plastic strip curtain is made using plastic strips for dust control, bird control, pest control and more.

Bug and Pest Control

PVC Strip Doors are an ideal solution for pest control as bug zappers don't attract all insects and they release a burning smell. We recommend you use a PVC strip door together with insect zappers for insect pest control. For optimum pest control, it is recommended that a yellow PVC strip door is installed; see our coloured strip doors page for more info.

Bird Control

A plastic strip door is a very efficient way to seal doorways and keep birds out of kitchens, food storage areas, food processing rooms and more. We supply quality plastic door strips on our Strip Doors for bird control.
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