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Freezer Room PVC Strip Doors

Freezer Room PVC Strip Doors

Our Freezer Room PVC Strip Doors’ use plastic Strips to assist in maintaining temperatures. This is achieved by making a barrier between outside room temperatures and the Freezer Room within. The plastic door curtains create a barrier, which controls the air flow and reduces dust and other contaminants from entering the Freezer Room.  



  • Maintains Temperature.
  • Reduces Electricity Consumption.
  • Increases the life of refrigeration machinery
  • Eliminates breakdowns.


For more information on our Clear PVC Strip Doors click here 


Understanding Freezer-Room Machinery:

When ice builds up on the back of the evaporator (located on the inside of a Freezer Room) air flow is restricted making it more difficult for the fans to draw air through the Evaporator. When a PVC Strip Door is fitted to a Freezer Room doorway, it controls the humidity or moisture in the air entering the room. This allows the air to flow consistently through the evaporator maintaining optimal conditions for the Freezer Room machinery to maintain temperature.


In extreme situations; a build-up of ice or dust can cause the air to stop flowing through the Evaporator.  In the event that air stops flowing adequately through the Evaporator, the Condensing unit will continue to run as the temperature of the Freezer Room will not come down to the temperature that the Thermostat is set at. 


When Condensing units continue to run and not cycle off when the Freezer Room meets the desired temperature (i.e the temperature the Thermostat is set at) the Compressor will overheat. In the event that the Compressor overheats, it will be shut down by the thermal cut out switch which is fitted to the Compressor monitoring its temperature. The thermal cut out switch will not allow the Compressor to restart until it has cooled down. This scenario is a common cause in machinery breakdowns. 


Avoid breakdowns by installing our Freezer Ribbed Strip Door.


Avoiding Breakdowns: 

Our Freezer-Ribbed Strip Door used in Freezer Room environments below 0 degrees Celsius. The plastic Door Strips have been extruded with ribs to reduce adhesion between strips. The ribbing also reduces the drag on objects passing through. 


A Freezer Room Strip Door is designed, manufactured and tested to provide an economical environmentally friendly solution to the regulation of Freezer-Room Temperatures.  


Tests conducted with humidity and temperature sensors prior to the installation of a Freezer Room PVC Strip Door and after demonstrate exceptional results. To view these results click here.


Data log tests provide further support by showing the cycles of a Condensing unit. A Freezer Room equipped with a Freezer-Ribbed PVC Strip Door shows the Condensing unit cycles off for longer and the compressors run at a much lower temperature.


After installing our Freezer Room PVC Strip Door, customers have informed our company of electricity savings between 30-40%!  




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