Coloured Strip Doors

Our Coloured PVC Strip Doors can provide as a striking visual feature to a shop entrance door.

The coloured PVC strips are transparent for safety and consist of UV stabilized and food grade PVC.

Constructed using our unique aluminium head section, the PVC strips can be replaced individually with ease.

Colours available are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Tinted Smokey Grey. Maximum recommended height for a coloured Strip Door is 3000mm.

We can manufacture Coloured Strip Doors using one colour or a combination of any of the available colours.

Using coloured PVC also provides other advantages, for example Smokey Grey aids in the reduction of light, heat and ultraviolet rays.


Our Yellow PVC Strip doors provide superior insect control - Infused with an Insect-repelling Citronella additive, the yellow strips also act as a filter to the UV light spectrum, a powerful and hygeinic form of insect control.

Coloured Flexible PVC Strip Door Mounted to an aluminium header


  • Wall Mounted Strip Doors

In most applications for Strip Doors to be wall mounted, the width is slightly increased for sealing benifits and 50mm is added to the height for the securing of the head section, resulting in a 10mm floor clearance. Please provide the Strip Door finish size or the clear opening in our Strip Door Form.

  • Lintel Mounted Strip Doors

When there is no vertical wall face above the opening for the strip door, Lintel mounting may be the only solution. We require clear opening measurements only and we will manufacture the PVC Door to fit within the opening.

Coloured Flexible PVC Strip Door

Green Flexible PVC Red Flexible PVC

Blue Flexible PVC Yellow Flexible PVC

Clear Flexible PVC Grey Flexible PVC

We use a variety of different methods to secure our plastic strips to the head section depending on the size and weight of the strip door, and the available securing method.

For most applications we supply our exclusive aluminium head section which allows the plastic strip door to be Lintel or Wall mounted. Our Strip Door aluminium extrusion accomodates a 6 x 16mm (hex head) set screw. Then the PVC strips are hole punched and secured with large washers and nuts to the head section.


PVC Strip Door Aluminium headsectioncoloured plastic strip door


Multi-Coloured Strip Door
Multi-Coloured Strip Door
Multi-Coloured Strip Door 100x1.6mm material
  • Multi-Coloured Strip Door
    Multi-Coloured Strip Door 100x1.6mm material
  • Red PVC Strip Door
    A Red PVC Strip Door
  • Red PVC Strip Door
  • Smokey Grey Material
    Smokey Grey Material, demonstration of smokey grey transparency, note that the material is not opaque, however, the reduction of heat, light and UV rays make this colour highly beneficial.